How Does an Electrician Calculate His Estimate?

Anyone who has ever owned a home can be flabbergasted by estimates from professional electricians. Why is it so expensive? How did he or she arrive at this figure? Understanding how the electrician estimate is calculated can help homeowners make the best choices in hiring a professional for electrical work in their home.

The Area and Cost

Electrician costs vary dramatically by geographic area. If the cost of living is high such as in New York City or Los Angeles, a homeowner will be expected to pay a much larger hourly rate fee than those who live in cheaper areas. Some areas that have many vocational schools also may be saturated with qualified electricians, which drives down prices. Other places do not have very many electricians, which drives prices up. These factors are one component of the estimate.

The Proposed Project

The electrician also needs to consider the project size and project type when providing an estimate. Materials can be quite expensive for some electrical work, which can drive up the cost. Smaller jobs that look simple may actually require complicating fishing of wires through the walls, making it more costly. The specifics of the proposed project, the materials needed and the size of the project all impact the overall cost and are factored into the estimate.

Special Circumstances

Any oddities or special dictates can make an electrical project more expensive. For example, those with plaster walls will be quoted a higher price than those with drywall. The reason for this is that chipping through plaster to create receptacles or access wiring can be a hard and dirty job compared to simply sawing through drywall. If old knob-and-tubing style electricity is run in a home, an electrician may charge more on the estimate to bypass or replace it.

An electrician estimate will vary based off of many factors. All of the circumstances surrounding the project need to be considered by the homeowner in order to determine if the estimate is fair and acceptable for the work to be performed.